Steve Niles Strange Cases
Steve Niles - Strange Cases

Steve Niles Strange Cases #1Strange Cases

Created by: Steve Niles
Written by: Dan Wickline
Art by: David Hartman
Lettered by: Jason Hanley
Published by: Image Comics

The story opens in Holcomb Manor, Chapel City. Five invited guests are arriving to see Roger Astan the owner of Holcomb Manor. As the guests arrive one by one, we realize that they are all world class monster hunters. The hunters are: Phillip Neville, Greg Watson, Ivy Carpenter, Charles Sloan, and Agent Steven Powell.

We learn that Chapel City has been a lightning rod of all things dark and horrific. Roger Astan lets his guests know that he has invested so much time and money in this city and he has called in the hunters to ask that they destroy all supernatural. If they agree to do it, they will earn their share of five million dollars.

The monster hunters take the offer and toast to the adventure that lies ahead. Agent Powell spits out his drink and shrieks in pain. He pulls out his weapon and opens fire on Roger Astan. Phillip Neville jumps in the way and takes the bullett. Agent Powell heads to a nother part of the manor as the other monster hunters open fire upon him. We learn that Agent Powell was found dead earlier that morning.

The hunters spile up and comb the house for the Agent Powell impersonator. We soon learn that he is a demonic shape shifter. One by one he begins to overtake the monster hunters until he is killed by Charles Sloan with a dagger through the back that was blessed by the Pope.

The issue ends with the monster hunters standing over the dead corpse of the shape shifter. They agree to watch each others backs and work the cases.

Strange Cases features great art and very solid storytelling. I have hopes that this book will be just more than a mini series. Be sure to check this one out if you have missed it!

Over all 4 1/2 out of 5.

Overall: 4 1/2 out of 5

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