The Legend of Joe Moon #0

The Legend of Joe Moon #0

Writer: Gonzalo Ventura
Artist: Manuel Silva, Leonardo Silva
Letters: Martin Blanco
Publisher: Pit Bros Productions

Reviewed by: TheBigBadWolf


The Legend of Joe Moon features a bounty hunter, Joe Moon, who is out to cleanse the willd west of all evil.Joe Moon

In this issue, Moon is on the trail of the Harrison brothers, who have killed the towns sheriff and made off with a boat load of loot. Not only have the Harrison brothers made off with loot, they have also made off with a woman from the local town.

We are taken inside of a cave where the Harrison brothers are hiding out. As one of the brothers proceeds to rape the woman, the other brother hears something outside of the cave and investigates.

Joe Moon appears and exchanges bullet wounds with the brother. This angers Joe Moon and finally the werewolf is unleashed. Hearing the shots fired, the other brother comes out of the cave. Before long, he is werewolf food.

The werewolf enters the cave and the woman tries to fight him off, the werewolf bites off her hand, then realizes that she is not with them and runs away. Seconds later, Joe, in human form, returns to the cave and helps the woman. Joe fills the coffins, to redeem his reward and heads off.

The story is pretty well told and the artwork is pretty solid. The book is done in black and white which almost adds to the eerieness of the tale. The only downside was that we only got to see the werewolf two out of the sixteen pages, but I understand they needed to set the tale in motion. Hopefully we will see the wolf let loose more in future issues.

All in all, this is apretty cool and unsettling tale by a small press company. I look forward to more horror from this new company.

Overall: 3 1/2 out of 5

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