Crawl Space - XXXOMBIES #1
Crawl Space XXXOMBIES #1 Review


Writer: Rick Remender, Kieron Dwyer, and Tony Moore
Artist: Kieron Dwyer
Publisher: Image Comics

Reviewed by:
The Big Bad Wolf

Zombies and porn? What a great combination. If you think that this is the first time it happened from a comic writer, you would be incorrect. In Joe Monks' book, ‘Stuff Outta My Head’ there was an unforgettable zombie / girl love scene. I won’t ruin it for those of you that haven’t read it. Crawl_Space

On to the review… Even though the zombie porn idea has been done before, this book is very fun. Rick Remender sets this tale in the late 1970’s during the porn boom. An attack on a plane sends the flight crashing through the Hollywood sign. The zombies rise from the crash, and the biting begins.

A porn producer, Wong Hunglau, must come up with 10 hours of action or face the dire consequences. He plans to keep his stars under house arrest for three days until they complete the film. At night, a crew member wanders back to the house, but this time he is much different, and I’m not talking about the hard on he is sporting. Not knowing that he is actually a zombie, they tie the crew member down and the film begins to roll.

The lovely aspiring porn starlet, Jenny Mitchum, mounts the ready zombie and begins to do what she does best. As she grinds… THE ZOMBIES’ PENIS BREAKS OFF! Yes, the zombies’ penis breaks off. I look forward to the next issue. Zombies and Porn are very fun!

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