Chumble Spuzz: Kill the Devil

Chumble Spuzz: Kill the Devil TPB

Writer and Artist: Ethan Nicolle

Publisher: SLG

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The Big Bad WolfChumble_Spuzz

While filling out the Previews catalog I stumbled across a book called Chumble Spuzz: Kill the Devil. I thought, what a great title, how can I not give this book a try? Since the book is published by SLG I knew what to expect. Good art, a fun story with some monsters involved.

The book has two different stories and follows the characters, Gunther and Klem. In the first story, Kill the Devil, the two main characters take a trip to the local carnival. Once at the carnival, Klem (the dim whitted one) decides that he must win a pig. Little do our main characters know that the pig they win is possessed by the dark lord himself. 666 and hilarity ensue throughout the whole issue. We see demons, zombies, Satan, and more!

The second story, Salmonella, is about a chicken trying to get cookies from a blood drive. The nurses keep kicking the chicken out because he has salmonella in his blood. Gunther ends up selling his own blood to the chicken which turns the chicken into a vampire. I don't want to ruin it, but this about it, who would you call if a vampire chicken was on the loose? Colonel Sanders, that's who! Yes, we see the zombie Colonel Sanders in this issue.

This book is hilarious and a great read if you are looking for a horror/comedy mix. Zombies, Demons, Vampire Chickens, Satanic Pigs. Ethan Nicolle puts together a book that you will not want to miss!

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