Redball 6 #1
Redball 6

Redball 6 #1

Ian and Jason Miller
Publisher: Atomic Pop Art Entertainment

Reviewed by:
Brian GrayRedball 6

The story follows a recently deceased man, Wayne Hambler, who was a former Memphis street cop. He wakes expecting to be in Heaven, or Hell but finds that he is in neither. He is welcomed by Joseph X, the official welcomer of the NDPD (Near Dis Police Department). He tells Wayne that he is in a city called Near Dis. The city is inhabited by both angels and lesser devils.

We cut to a murder scene and we see Officers Slam, Valentine, Pyotr, and Ma-Ji. The Redball 6 unit consists of law enforcement that seems to be from different time periods. These officers deduct that Evan Tremaine has committed a murder. They begin the search for Tremaine.

We cut back to Wayne meets Lt. N'Gash, a demon looking creature, who welcomes him to the Redball unit of NDPD.

Back at the crime scene, the officers chase down Tremaine and he is mumbling about a machine being alive and is going to kill everyone. A battle ensues and Tremaine takes a few gunshots to the body and one to the head before escaping.

This book has a BPRD type of feel to it. I am going to stick on board and see where this series goes.

Talk about the Redball 6 #1 review.

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