Worry Doll
Worry Doll Review

Worry Doll

Writer and Artist:
Matt Coyle
Publisher: Mam Tor Publishing

Reviewed by:
The Big Bad Wolf
Worry Doll

After reading Worry Doll, I had to immediately go back and re-read it. Matt Coyle presents the story in a very different manner than most books which makes it really hard to review.

Each left hand page is presented in glossy, solid black pages with white text. On each left hand page there is a title and to the right of that, a few lines of text. On the right hand page, there is a picture of very bizarre dolls in photoesque illustrations. The art is very spooky and because of the dolls, it could remind you of movies like Puppet Master.

Worry Doll is a creepy and unsettling book. The main character is a serial killer, who is obsessed with dolls and we are taken inside his demented mind. Throughout the book we read the killers thoughts and conversation as the dolls are represented in each picture of the killers story.

This is one book that is very different and memorable. Damn, dolls are creepy!

Talk about the Worry Doll review.

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