Eve: Vampire Diva #1
Eve Vampire Diva Review

Eve: Vampire Diva #1

Frank J. Laperch
Artist: Ash Jackson
Publisher: Arcana Studio

Reviewed by:
The Big Bad WolfEve: Vampire Diva

At first look, Eve Vampire Diva seems that it could be too bubblegum to appeal to a hardcore horror fan. Luckily though, when you open the pages and then start to read, you get a good mix of storyline and a big shot of action.

Eve is a singer/actress who is also a sexy vampire. We see her struggles with her self serving agent, the paparazzi and being labeled a "diva". At night we see her struggle shift from dealing with agents and the media, to dealing with bloodthirsty werewolves and witches.

Later in the book we are introduced to a mysterious monster council. The council seems to consist of vampires, werewolves and other things that go bump in the night. They want Eve to go on a special mission but you get the sense that Eve isn't on the same page as they are.

Even though this is a vampire story we didn't see lots of gore and bloodshed, and I don't expect we will from this series. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the fist issue. I will be checking out the second issue to see where this comic goes.

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