Werewolves: Dead Moon Rising
Werewolves: Dead Moon Rising Review

Werewolves: Dead Moon Rising

Artist: Ken Wolak
Publisher: Moonstone Books

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Werewolves: Dead Moon Rising is the latest in the Moonstone Monsters Anthology series. A great cover by Dave Dorman makes this book immediately leap out at you. The book is 204 pages long and features 13 short stories, each by a different author, with art at the beginning of each story by Ken Wolak.

The stories are:

The Beast of Bava Pass by Christopher Mills

A Pinch of Flesh by Elaine Bergstrom

Walker: The Nightmare Begins by Dave Ulanski

The Lone Death of the Last Ranger by David Michelinie

Wolf Hunter by Tom DeFalco

Wolf Whistle by Paul D. Storrie

Skin Belt by William R. Halliar

Passing Through by Beau Smith

Ladies and Gentlemen, and Children of all ages by C.J. Henderson

True Beast by Michael Reynolds & William R. Halliar

Walking Wolves by Clay and Susan Griffith

The Lycaean Sacrifice by Fred Van Lente

La Noche de las Lobas (Night of the She-Wolves) by Stephen D. Smith

Each story features a different type of werewolf theme, which makes the book very fun to read. In addition to that, Ken Wolak doesn't stick to just one type of werewolf that he draws. You will see 'The Howling' style werewolf, 'The American Werewolf in London' style, 'The Wolf-Man' and many more.

At $14.95 this book is a great addition to any werewolf fan's collection.

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