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Comic Monsters is a part of the Horror News Network. The site has breaking news on horror comics.

The Horror News Network consists of the following sites: - The world's largest news and resource site for HORROR comic books. Up to the minute news on horror comics such as The Walking Dead, Goon, Hellboy, 30 Days of Night, Hack/Slash, Marvel Zombies and many more! - A fast growing site dedicated to all things HORROR video game related. Up to the minute news on horror video games such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Left 4 Dead, Splatterhouse, Dead Rising, FEAR and many more! - A fantastic resource for collectors of HORROR toys. Up to the minute news on action figures, statues, model kits, bobble heads, dolls and more. - A fast growing movie site which has up to the minute news on HORROR movies and DVD’s. Up to the minute news on movies such as Halloween, SAW, Friday the 13th and many more! - Our main site which captures news from our entirenetwork. Complete coverage of all things HORROR!



Horror News Site Rob Caprilozzi

Rob Caprilozzi started Horror News Network as in 2004. Born out of his passion for horror comics and the lack of information about it on the Internet, was born. The site became devoted solely to horror comics and their creators.

Rob decided to expanded the site to include all things horror in 2009.

Rob serves as Owner, CEO and purveyor of chaos at

Some of Rob's favorites include Halloween, The Howling, Blade, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, The Devil's Rejects and many, many more.

Horror News Site Christine Bucci-Caprilozzi

Christine Bucci-Caprilozzi joined the staff in 2005 when it was still She started as a contributing journalist adding interviews, reviews and convention coverage.

Christine assisted in the implementation of Horror News Network in 2010 when she became manager of operations and senior editor. Today she oversees recruitment of new staff and overall business operations.

In case you were wondering, her favorite horror movies are: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Freaks, Blacula, The Devils Rejects and The Sound of Music.

Horror News Site Stephanie Shamblin Gray

Stephanie Shamblin Gray has been a site contributor since 2009. She resides in Southern California with her husband and fellow contributor, Brian Gray. While she contributes to several of the Horror News Network sites, her primary focus is where she proudly holds the distinction of the author of the first original article for the site.

Stephanie is an engineer by day and likes to spend her free time trying to keep up with her growing mountain of comics and watching horror movies-on-demand. Her favorite comics include the Locke & Key series, Zenescope's Wonderland books, and comic adaptations of novels. Stephanie is also a huge fan of found-footage horror movies, horror audio dramas, and survival horror videos games.

Horror News Site Brian Gray

Brian Gray has been a site contributor since 2009. He has always had an interest in photography and enjoys capturing the excitement of the Southern California conventions with his wife and fellow contributor, Stephanie Shamblin Gray. He has covered events such as San Diego Comic Con, Wizard World, and Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors. Brian also enjoys writing reviews of iPhone games. Brian's favorite video games include Resident Evil and Dead Space.

His favorite comic is The Walking Dead and favorite horror movie is the original Nosferatu.

Horror News Site Annie Minervini

Annie Minervini joined Horror News Network in 2011. Her focus on the website is reviewing horror in the media, particularly horror movies. She also enjoys interviewing actors and the crew who work on them and reveal the dedication and skill that goes into creating a film. Annie also attends conventions on the East Coast such as Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Rock and Shock in Massachusetts, and New York Comic Con in New York City to review the convention itself, as well as meet and interview the individuals who work in the genre.

Annie's passion in the genre is linking her formal education in the field of criminal justice and psychology to the horror genre. Whether it's from the victim's perspective, the hero's, or the antagonist's, she enjoys pondering the inner motivations and psyche of each character.

Some of her favorite movies in the genre include; A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Jaws, Ginger Snaps, Black Christmas, Sleepaway Camp, and The Exorcist.

Horror News Site Larry Dwyer

Larry Dwyer joined the site in 2012. His love of horror began with his parents; Larry's earliest memories include seeing Dawn of the Dead, Mother's Day and Blood Beach at the drive-in with them as a child. Larry's other love is music, mainly of the hardcore/punk genre. He has played guitar in such bands as Hatebreed, Death Threat and IG! (who also play an annual Misfits tribute show on Halloween).

Among Larry's favorite movies are Salem's Lot, Basket Case, Hellraiser, Phantasm, Halloween, Evil Dead and The Exorcist. His favorite authors include Stephen King, Clive Barker, Robert McCammon and H.P. Lovecraft. His favorite bands include The Misfits, Black Flag, Agnostic Front, The Dead Kennedy's and Judge.

Horror News Site Sean McLaughlin

Sean's fascination with all things horror began with his father's collection of under-appreciated horror flicks. His vast collection of VHS gems included Basket Case, Return of the Living Dead, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, and countless others. Over time, he began to develop an appreciation for the zombie genre in particular, and counts his encounter with director George Romero as one of his greatest thrills.

Sean's favorite films include Night of the Living Dead, Halloween, Evil Dead II, Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, Pet Sematary, In the Mouth of Madness and White Zombie. He also believe a zombie apocalypse is inevitable, and is currently taking the necessary precautions.

Horror News Site Clint Ritchie

Started playing Horror Video Games and Reading Horror Novels and watching Horror Movies by the age of 4. My father planted the seed with his love of horror movies and comics and out of that sprouted a Love of everything horror more than my own father could have imagined. My earliest memory of Horror media I can remember is watching the HBO Series Tales From The Crypt. Then as I got older I discovered Stephan King, once I read the Shining I was hooked, I got every King Novel I could get my hands on thus inspiring me to turn my love of horror into a writing career.

My second biggest talent beside writing is video games, of coarse horror and sci-fi being my top choices I have always had a knack to dominate every video game I touch, no difficulty is to hard. I love writing for Horror News Network, reviewing horror games, and Interviewing horror game production teams is more than a dream come true.

Horror News Site Alicia Banks

Alicia is the newest staff member on Horror News Network, joining the team late summer 2012. Alicia's fascination with the horror genre began at an early age, reading writers such as Christopher Pike, Lois Duncan, and R.L. Stine before progressing to works by Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, Clive Barker,Neil Gaiman, Ray Bradbury, and Peter Straub, to name a few. She was first introduced to the comic book world with the purchase of James O'Barr's "The Crow", of which her original tattered copy still sits on her bookshelf. In addition to her love of books and art, Alicia's passions also lie in music, writing, and tattoos. Her music collection spans nearly 1000 albums, she's been continuously writing a personal blog since 2004, and she's been getting inked for 12 years now. She started with one faerie tattoo on her back and now has 2 full sleeves among various other pieces. By day, Alicia is a historical researcher, reading various maps and aerial photographs, as well as a mother, wife, former Catholic, and full-time coffee whore. Lastly, Alicia does not normally speak of herself in the third person because it makes her feel like Elmo the Muppet, and that's kind of creepy.

Favorite Horror Novels: Stephen King/ Peter Straub's "The Talisman" and Neil Gaiman's "American Gods", Favorite Horror Movies: Jaws, Aliens, and John Carpenter's Halloween. Favorite Comic Book: Neil Gaiman's The Sandman Series

Horror News Site Sean Brickley

Born in 1979, I was delivered into one of the greatest eras of horror movies possible.  I knew that I liked to be scared at an early age when my mother first plopped me down in front of the TV to watch a rented copy of the original Nightmare On Elm Street.  I think her intentions were to frighten me away from the genre entirely.  Instead she opened the flood gates.  It wasn't long before our trips to the local video store involved me making a beeline directly to the horror room.  Some of the toughest decision making in my life occurred in that room.  Do I rent The Stuff or Blood Beach?  Prom Night or Happy Birthday To Me?  Ghoulies or The Pit?  While most children my age were pondering which G.I.Joe figure they wanted, I was more than content with my weekly dose of fright movies.  Don't get me wrong, I know if I had been into G.I.Joe at the time I would have some collectibles now.  That or I would have blown them up with firecrackers.

Fast forward a considerable amount of years to the present.  I'm lucky to have married a wonderful, tattooed, beautiful, little blonde woman who shares my enthusiasm for all that is "scary."  The great thing about our relationship is always having a knowledgeable partner who can not only stomach these types of films but discuss them afterward with an objective outlook.  Now that I have joined forces with Horror News Network I have further expanded the amount of people with whom I can have these types of discussions.  It's an honor to be allowed to bring this creepy, suspenseful, amazing world we've all become a part of to the population at large and I look forward to every second of it.

Jacki Clark Jacki Clark

I have been into horror since I was five years old and watching Hitchcock and Twilight Zone with my “Nana”. From there I moved onto all the greats, Friday the 13th, Halloween and Nightmare on Elm St.  I have appeared in two short horror films and co-wrote 1, Z’s and Immortal Infection.

I thoroughly enjoy writing for especially recapping The Walking Dead, my favorite television show. By day I’m an aesthetician in training and a married mother of two. My favorite movies are Nightmare on Elm ST, Pet Sematary, The Bird’s, and The Resident Evil.

Blood E. bastard Blood E. Bastard

Blood E. Bastard is the undead, unholy, unborn doppelganger of an upstanding, law-abiding, suburban family man. Rumored to be the stillborn child of H.P. Lovecraft and Lizzie Borden, he resides in a padded cell buried deep within the recesses of the mind of his oblivious host. Blood E. Bastard fills his infinite spare time plotting ways to make flesh the various repulsions he has experienced via heavy metal music, horror movies, tales of terror and Looney Tunes. He insists that his opinions are solely his own (until he makes them yours) and countless animals are harmed in the process of his writing.

Some of my favorites are: Books- Dracula, Frankenstein, Carrie, Pet Sematary, Vampyr, Carmilla, and anything by Daddy I mean H.P Lovecraft. Films- Nosferatu, (1922 and 1979) Psycho, The Wicker-Man, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, The Eye, Let the Right One In (Swedish), High Tension, 13 Zameti and every Hammer Horror Film! 




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